Safety & Environment

Our goal at Cooper and Jones Plumbing is to provide the highest standard of plumbing and reduce incidents and injuries by maintaining our commitment to providing a high standard of workplace safety and Training. People are our most important asset and their safety and health is of the greatest importance.

We achieve this goal by:

Complying with all Australian legislative requirements
Provide appropriate OHS leadership, management and supervision
Consult with all workers on any OHS and training matters
Providing safe plant, machinery, equipment and training for such items
Provide appropriate OHS manual to all sites
Completing regular audits and reviews of practices and systems
Develop, implement and disseminate adequate information, education and training
Providing emergency and first aid treatment facilities
Ensure all of our employees carry current tradespersons license and safety awareness accreditation
Eliminate or control hazards
Ensuring all employees share our ‘No Injuries’ goal